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  • The Linear 5 series' largest powered PA system, the Big Venue Pack comes with everything you need to entertain audiences of up to 600*. It consists of two 15' mid/ high units, four mighty L-SUB 2000 subwoofers and matching accessories. This system's dynamic response is nothing short of remarkable; it delivers the goods for the most demanding sound...

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    7 890,00 €
  • This is a sweet plug-and-play solution for smaller to midsized venues with audiences* of 200 to 300. Consisting of two mid/ high units, two subwoofers, and all the requisite accessories, the Club Pack is the smallest end-to-end PA system of the Linear 5 line. Surprisingly compact and easily transportable, it nonetheless delivers impressive performance....

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    3 990,00 €
  • Consisting of : 3 x L5 112 XA 3 x Dust covers

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    2 800,00 €
  • This all-in-one sound reinforcement solution consists of two mid/ high units, two powerful bass bins and all the accessories necessary to address audiences of around 350*. With the L SUB 2000 subwoofer as part of its arsenal, the Power Pack delivers a mightier low-end punch for DJing gigs and rocking out with a full-blown band. Simply set the mid/high...

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    4 500,00 €
  • Featuring two mid/ high units, four subwoofers and accessories, this end-to-end PA has plenty of headroom for larger venues with audiences of 300 to 400*. This set is essentially the Club Pack with an added pair of subwoofers. The two subwoofer stacks further enhance bass response so the rig renders even the most dynamic signals with astonishing clarity....

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    5 900,00 €
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