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  •   The Headliner® Hihat Tambourine is a jingle accent that mounts on any hihat stand. Secure hardware assures a solid grip. A single row of Steel Jingles has a loud and cutting sounds. An easy access wing nut allows quick set-up, adjustment, or removal, completely independent from your cymbals.

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  • These ergonomically shaped tambourines are available as hand held or mountable versions. The durable ABS frame allows hard hitting and energetic hand playing. The hand held versions are extremely light weight for extensive playing. Aluminum jingles produce a light sound that fits in studio and accoustic situations.FeaturesPadded soft grip for more playing...

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  •   Le principe est ultra simple et l'effet simplement génial! Grâce à la vis de serrage intégrée, le petit Finger Jingle est réglé ou désactivé en quelques secondes.

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  • FeaturesEasily mountableErgonomic designGuiro style playing surface"Sandwich" constructionMaterialNickelsilver plated steelABS PlasticColorBlack

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  • The MEINL Heel Tambourine provides a hands free option for adding a little jingle to your grooves. Fitting in your shoe, just like a shoehorn, simply slip it in and start tapping your foot. The stainless steel jingles provide a bright and full sound, making it the perfect accessory for drummers, percussionists, guitarists, and...

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    Plaque stabilisatrice Chaîne individuelle Avec tambourin 14 paires de cymbalettes Développé avec Gregg Bissonette Parfait pour les batteurs et percussionnistes multitâche Facilement transformable en pédale de grosse caisse avec les pièces inclues   Chez Drum Workshop, le « Choix du Batteur » est plus qu'un slogan, c’est un fait....

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  •   MEINL's Wood Tambourines are made from a sturdy frame with jingles available in different materials, resulting in various sound possibilities. Their ergonomically shaped handle and light weight enable energetic playing.

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  •   Features Hand-Hammer triangular jingles for an extra sweet sound with short sustain 2 rows of jingles   Material Hand-hammered stainless steel Wooden frame

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  • The new MEINL Recording-Combo ABS Tambourines feature our popular mixed jingles, where nickel-silver plated steel meets solid brass, for a unique and pleasing sound. Our special ABS “sandwich” construction makes them nearly indestructible.FeaturesPadded soft grip for more playing comfortErgonomic designGuiro style playing surface"Sandwich"...

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    Place the MEINL Backbeat Tambourine directly on your drum head to really turn up the groove! The stainless steel jingles respond fully when the drum is struck, and the frame is designed to rest naturally against the inside of any standard drum hoop. Great for snare drums, timbales, and tom toms.FeaturesFits on any standard drum4 pairs of stainless steel...

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  •   Hand-hammered brass jingles produce a wamr timbre but with a distinctive cut. Extra strong "sandwich" construction assures that the Super-dry Tambourine can handle even the most demanding situations. This mountable version is built to resist hard hitting in a drumset or multi-percussion set up.

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  •   We created a new Tambourine that can go anywhere! Our Touring Tambourines feature our new True Feel synthetic heads and have black plated steel jingles which are high in pitch, bright, and have a good sustain.

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