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    With its introduction in 2012 the tune-bot brought drum tuning into the digital age enabling tens of thousands of drummers to Sound Better and Tune Faster worldwide! The tune-bot Studio has all the ground-breaking features of the original tune-bot plus many more. The new model offers more reliable readings, a higher frequency range (better for tuning...

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  • Le savoir-faire de Pearl dans le monde de la batterie et de la percussion acoustique n'est plus à prouver. Mais la marque japonaise a plus d'une corde à son arc et nous a montré avec l'Epro Live et le Throne Thumper qu'elle maîtrise également le domaine de l'électronique.   Pearl a développé avec la firme ButtKicker cette machine incroyable qui, alimentée...

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  • Precise tuning used to take years of experience, and tuning each drum often felt like it took years. Not anymore. The TW100 measures actual head tension and features an easy-to-read meter, so you can record the numbers and duplicate your best tuning time after time. You can also use the sample tunings suggested in the directions. Either way, the Tension...

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  • The new TW200 TAMA Tension Watch is very compact and is equipped with an easy to read dial. It comes with a detachable nylon bumper to ensure consistent measuring distance from the hoop, resulting in an evenly tensioned drum for the best sound.

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