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    Summary The Pickup Booster is designed to boost your signal without altering the character of your guitar, while also hiding a few tone-shaping tricks up its sleeve. Description The Pickup Booster is for when you love the sound of your guitar but you need a little more: more output, more gain or just a little more control over your guitar’s voice without...

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  • La nouvelle pédale Palladium de Seymour Duncan capture la dynamique et la profondeur d’un ampli à lampe dans une pédale compacte proposant de nombreux réglages.    Que ce soit pour booster un canal Clean ou pour obtenir une distorsion précise et organique sur un canal saturé, la Palladium s’adapte remarquablement à toutes les situations et...

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  • The Vise Grip is a compressor with a twist: its Mid/Full/High Switch works together with the Blend control to let through the complete dry tone, or just the highs or mids along with your compressed signal. Use it to express more of your playing dynamics even when the compression is at its squishiest. Use it to boost the mids for soloing. Use it to retain...

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  • The Silver Lake™ Dynamic Reverb is a powerhouse reverb workstation. The foundation is a collection of eight beautifully crafted reverb algorithms, a powerful set of tone shaping options and our proprietary Dynamic Expression control. If you’re looking for classic Room, vintage Spring sounds, or massive Plates and Halls, Silver Lake has you covered. In...

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    Fuzz, modulation, and control — with an all analog signal-path, designed to synthesize the ultimate fuzz tone.  Many guitar pedals can make your guitar sound like a synth, but few capture the tactile feeling and interactivity of using one. Real analog synths use different blocks (oscillator, filter, LFO, envelope) that work together to create...

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