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  • Powerful. Natural. Focused. The V7 X brings all of your instruments to life. A supercardioid dynamic instrument microphone that lifts the sonic curtain in front of your sources, connecting listeners with your performance at a whole new level. The sibling to the acclaimed vocal-oriented V7, the V7 X is a dynamic instrument microphone ideal for a broad...

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  •   The TG D35d is a professional dynamic microphone for miking drums, percussion and other instruments. The tuned frequency response is predestined for toms and snare, but due to its powerful yet clear sound it is not only great for drums. While the compact and robust plastic housing ensures an easy and secure positioning, the supercardioid polar pattern...

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  •   The C516 ML professional miniature instrumental microphone, part of the MicroMics family, is designed for use on accordions, pianos, guitar speakers and keyboard/organ cabinets. Using two C516 MLs (one on the bass and one on the treble side) and an optional B29 L battery power supply is the ideal way to mic up an accordion. The C516 ML comes with a...

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