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  • The S-phantom gives you an in the field, on location solution for powering your condenser microphones that need 48 volt power Features 2 Channel 48 Volt phantom power supply 2 Balanced XLR mic inputs 2 Balanced XLR and 1/4" mic outputs AC adapter included

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  • Adaptateur pour alimentation fantôme 48V Mini XLR mâle 3 pôles > XLR mâle

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  • The Miktek PS2 is a Two Channel, 48 Volt Phantom Power Supply that is capable of powering two condenser microphones at the same time. It is a perfect solution for applications when using a condenser microphone with a mixer, PA, or other amplifiers that do not provide phantom power for their microphone inputs.Make sure the volume controls on your...

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  • power YOUR PERFORMANCE Quite a bit of gear relies on Phantom Power to work these days, and the number is always growing. When you need a reliable power source, the M48 Phantom Power Supply is just the tool for the job. FOR ANY STAGE OR STUDIO POWER YOUR GEAR Perfect for all of your gear that requires Phantom Power like condenser mics. NO NONSENSE...

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