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  •   Pair of professional `Phono Plug` (`RCA`- or `CINCH`- type) - marked red and black. Including 2 x 2 strain reliefs for cable O.D. 3.0 mm to 7.3 mm. Additional strain relief for cable O.D. up to 8.0 mm available as accessory.   Makes ground before signal contact and breaks signal before ground No more disturbing noise and broken speaker cones Precisely...

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  •   Record your microphone direct. MicLink makes it easy to direct-connect any dynamic microphone to USB for mono recording. The AudioLink Series USB-audio cable outputs studio quality 16-bit, 44.1 kHz digital audio thanks to its internal analog-to-digital conversion system. MicLink connects plug-and-play to your Mac or PC for an all-in-one USB audio...

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  • IECC Power Socket male

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