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  •   Perform your sets with any kind of media. THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS There are few controllers that can claim to play just about anything, but Mixdeck Express is certainly one of them. Mixdeck Express is a full-featured DJ controller that comes complete with Serato DJ Intro software, two CD decks, dual USB flash drives, and a fully integrated...

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  •   Everything but the kitchen sink... Offering modern DJs a complete all-in-one solution, the CDMP-7000 packs professional features and outstanding playback versatility into one powerful, portable workstation. With two feature-rich decks and a comprehensive central mixer section, this inclusive unit provides everything you need to electrify a crowd in any...

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  • GEMINI - CDM-4000     Gemini’s CDM-4000 USB/CD Media Console is a powerful, cost-effective tool that provides easy-to-use track search and playback features across dual CD decks. Combining practical functionality with the control of a central mixer section, the CDM-4000 offers a versatile, all-in-one solution for mobile DJ rigs, as...

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