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  • The Meinl Cymbal Polish is designed exclusively for cleaning and restoring the high-polished surface of a brilliant finish cymbal. It's a combination of two models of Meinl cymbal cleaner; the Meinl concentrated liquid Cymbal Cleaner and the original Meinl polishing emulsion.? 

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    Maintain a lasting, lustrous shine on your cymbals with the MEINL Cymbal Protectant. Apply this easy-to-use spray evenly on traditional and brilliant finish cymbals after cleaning with the MEINL Cymbal Cleaner or Polish to shield them from discoloration caused by dirt, dust and fingerprints without affecting the sound.  For traditional and brilliant...

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  •   Gibraltar LubeGibraltar pedal lubricant is a great way to make sure your drums pedals keep performing at that high Gibraltar standard you have come to expect. Perfect for use on hi-hat and bass drum pedals to protect bearings and eliminate squeaks. (1pk)

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  • Specially formulated to clean, polish and protect all Zildjian Cast Bronze and Sheet Bronze cymbals in one easy application. (Not for use on ZXT Titanium or Kerope cymbals). 8 fl. oz./250 ml.

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