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  •   Dual Chain Double CAM Drive Single Bass Drum PedalFast, double CAM action with simple execution. New features include; fast touch "G" pedal board design and dual surface balanced bass drum beater. Single pedals have a two bearing per drive system; four on double pedals. Easy key access adjustable hoop clamp, adjustable spring tension and Rock stabilizer...

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  • FALCON, Double chaîne, Feutre Batte, avec contrepoids échangeable, avec bag

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  • Mars, Chain Drive, Double chaîne, Batte en feutre

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  • Two Decades. Now One Step Beyond. The Iron Cobra achieved its legendary status because of its ability to strongly support both the artistic and logistical requirements associated with the art of drumming. Since its inception?smooth, effortless performance and unparalleled response have been hallmarks of the Iron Cobra. In its efforts to expand the...

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  • The newest addition to the Iron Cobra series, the Iron Cobra 600's most unique feature is a reversible cam called the "Duo Glide Cam." A simple adjustment allows fast changes between a true round "Rolling Glide" sprocket and an offset "Power Glide" sprocket. Drummers can choose the appropriate cam based on playing style, musical environment, and personal...

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  • Unprecedented Velocity. Serious Power. Minimum Work. Designed to fuel speedy footwork, TAMA's precision-engineered Speed Cobra pedal now enters a new era. The credo under which it was first forged: "Extreme Velocity. Serious Power," has been honed to add yet another playing characteristic to its already daunting personality-Unprecedented Velocity,...

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  • Charnière aluminiumPoulie du ressort sur roulement à billesBague mémoire sur la batteAccès rapide serrage mâchoire de grosse caisseBatte en feutre/plastique double faceGuide-double chaîne centréClé de serrage

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  • The Stealth G Drive bass drum pedal exemplifies the features that today’s drummer demands in a pedal. While it has the strong, powerful feel needed to pull the best sound out of your bass drum, it is accompanied with the speed, fluidity, and precision needed to help you pinpoint each note quickly and easily.The pedal board height can be adjusted...

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  • Comes standard with two Drive Belts: Includes Chain and Adjustable Length Strap drive options Fully adjustable : Customize feel and position with footboard angle, beater angle, and spring tension adjustments Lightweight Aluminum cam and beater clamp: For reduced rotation weight and improved stroke. Tri-Felt 'red stripe' beater: Made of medium-density...

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  •   Single Chain CAM Drive Single Bass Drum PedalClean and simple with quick response. New features include; fast touch "G" pedal board design and dual surface balanced bass drum beater. The single chain CAM drive action gives fast response in a simple design without too many adjustments. New fast touch pedal board design Dual surface 90 gm weighted beater...

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