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  • MC2 is a point of reference among the combos, the Holy Grail Tone Monster. It represents the best sound quality in a small cabinet. The first note from the MC2 sounds like a 4×12” stack, solid and surronding with a balanced tone. The MC2 is the result of a marriage between the best electric and acoustic choice: a pair of EL34 tubes producing 60W into a...

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  • The Brunetti MC2 Combo is a 60-Watt all-tube guitar amplifier featuring 3 channels - Clean, Crunch & Lead.

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  • 2 channel 20w all tube amp, 2xEL84 and 3x12ax7. As basic as it gets. 1 clean channel with master volume control and bass, mid, treble, 1 lead channel with gain, bass, mid, treble and master volume control. No reverb. Back of the amp sees a "Image" control - essentially a slightly more elaborate presence knob and a wet/dry mixable fx loop. 1 footswitch in...

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  • Préampli : à lampes (5 x 12AX7A) Ampli de puissance : à lampes (2 x EL34 pour le modèle 60W, 4 x EL34 pour le modèle 120W) Puissance : 60W ou 120W Impédance : 4, 8, 16 ohms Canaux : 3 (Clean, Boost, XLead) Effets : non Dimensions : 730 x 235 x 300 mm Poids : 13 kg Autres noms : Brunetti XLII R-Evo

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  • This product arises from the particular need of each guitar player to have a low power amp of great quality, easy to use, versatile and adaptable to a wide range of live or studio situations. It is available in combo (SingleMan) or head (SingleMan H) versions, with different power tube configurations (6V6 o 6L6) and power (15w, 30w, 50w), all equipped...

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